Lizeth Garcia - Pom Line Captain

Lizeth Garcia - Leading Ladies of FWHS
Posted on 03/19/2023


March is Women’s History Month and we are celebrating by shining a light on some fantastic FWHS female leaders who make a positive impact on campus. 

Extra-curricular involvement & leadership positions:

·         FWHS POM LINE: Captain

·         FASHION HOUSE: Model
·         LINK CREW: Member

Why is it important to get involved and make a difference in high school?

Being involved introduces you to new people, experiences, and opportunities. It takes one person to become involved and make a difference in high school because people get inspired by others. Working together will create a community that allows students to feel safe and want to bring the best they have to offer.

Who is a mentor or role model who inspire you & why?

My parents are my biggest role models because I have seen them in difficult situations and they've never had giving up as an option. I am lucky enough to have them at reach when in need of advice or encouragement and every time I accomplish something I give credit to them.

If you knew me better you’d know I…

love watching movies, baking, my puppy Benji and I HATE rollercoasters.

What are your dreams for your future?

My dreams for the future have yet to be set in stone but I enjoy working with children and would like to run my own business one day. I will be attending the University of Arizona after high school!

What is the bravest thing you have ever done?

I don't think I am a brave person but becoming so involved with dance forces you to get out of your comfort zone often. I feel brave after auditioning for something and after a performance.

What do you love about Flowing Wells?

I love Flowing Wells because it is a welcoming environment to be in. I am able to be myself wherever I go and when in need of help, there is always somebody willing to lend you a hand.

Who has been the most influential teacher in your career and why?

The most influential teacher in my career has been Ms. Brown, she brought me out of my shell and challenges me daily to become better than I was the day before. Ms. Brown is always there when I need her the most.

How long have you attended Flowing Wells?


What legacy do you want to leave here at Flowing Wells?

A legacy I would like to leave at Flowing Wells is that there is always room to grow. The more humble you are, the better the opportunities you receive will be. You will always get more out of an experience when you are willing to learn from others!