Federal Programs

At Flowing Wells, we see the promise and potential in every student and we are committed to each student’s academic achievement and personal success within and beyond their K-12 experience here with us. Our mission is to meet potential with opportunity and the goal of the Office of Federal Programs is to identify and eliminate barriers and obstacles to success. By seeking out and managing all available local, state, and federal resources and by building strong partnerships with family and community, we provide a unique culture of caring and support so that our students can thrive. On behalf of our Flowing Wells team, I welcome you and your child to our district and look forward to meeting you along the way on this wonderful journey! Please feel free to contact my office if I can be of any assistance.

Dr. Audrey Reff, Assistant Superintendent

Jennifer Rodriguez, Program Manager

Isabella Porchas, Federal Programs Specialist

Fax number: 520-690-2400

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