Why Flowing Wells?

"I love the community of Flowing Wells. I have been a Flowing Wells student, teacher and now parent. I love how students come first in Flowing Wells and everyone works together, supporting each other for the purpose of kids."

FW Teacher  

"Flowing Wells is so special, we know our community cares and is always there to help kiddos and families."

FW Parent  

In the Flowing Wells School District, we appreciate that one size does NOT fit all. Each student has unique learning needs, so we offer a wide variety of programs to support students in their journey of learning.

We believe that “
Potential Finds Opportunity,” and we are committed to providing diverse learning experiences that inspire students to challenge themselves and discover their true talents.

Led by the knowledge and drive of innovative educators, our district embraces the idea that it is our responsibility to prepare students to be productive global citizens. Therefore, we make it our mission to expose students to every path that could lead them to realize their potential – lead them to success.