Leading Ladies of FWHS - Mimosa Van

Mimosa Van - Orchestra Club President
Posted on 03/27/2022

Mimosa Van

March is Women’s History Month and we are closing out the month by shining a light on some fantastic FWHS female leaders who make a positive impact on campus. 

Extra-curricular involvement & leadership positions:

·         CHAMBER ORCHESTRA: Concertmistress and First Violin Section Leader


·         ORCHESTRA CLUB: President


Why is it important to get involved and make a difference in high school?

It is important to get involved and make a difference in high school because there are so many opportunities. There are many opportunities to figure out what I like and contribute to my community. High school is such a short time frame and a great opportunity to gain insight on myself and help others get the chance to.

Who is a mentor or role model who inspire you & why?

A role model who inspired me was one of my mentors on my NOLS STEP Leadership Backpacking Expedition for 3 weeks in Alaska, MJ. Going far away from home to this expedition, I felt homesick. She helped me get through my homesickness and always checked up on me. She was also someone I look up to because she was another Asian American. She was always very vulnerable and inspired me to be vulnerable. To this day, I have learned to be more vulnerable and make closer connections to others. She has inspired me to take advantage of the opportunities and people that want to help me. She further inspired me to chase my dreams and pave new ways to reach them.

If you knew me better you’d know I…

If you knew me better, you'd know I love improving myself and trying new challenges. I am currently becoming a contortionist and improving my skills to read faster. I love learning new capabilities and taking advantage of my access to technology and education.

What are your dreams for your future?

My dreams for my future is to go to college, get a degree, get a job I love, and give back to those who helped me along the way.

What is the bravest thing you have ever done?

The bravest thing I have ever done is making bold decisions for myself. I have made decisions about leaving a program to do something I love. It is so scary for me to leave something that I have already started on to do something I would benefit my time more on but I am proud of myself for making decisions to become a happier person.

What do you love about Flowing Wells?

I love how supportive the teachers and counselors are. There are many resources and the staff love interacting and helping students excel.

Who has been the most influential teacher in your career and why?

The most influential teacher in my career is my 7th grade science teacher, Ms. Magee. She showed me that I can be more confident and supported me when I stood up for myself. She started my journey to be a better leader and self-advocate for myself.

How long have you attended Flowing Wells?

I have attended Flowing Wells for 4 years.

What legacy do you want to leave here at Flowing Wells?

I want to leave a legacy of a person who took advantage of my education and all the opportunities to become a talented and intelligent first generation Vietnamese American woman.